About Us

Hi there trotters!

We are Harshita & Aman! Kindergarten sweethearts who at the age of 19 had said to each other that we would not marry anyone and just travel the world as best friends. Well one thing changed, we ended up marrying each other but two things that remained constant are that we are still best friends and are travelling the world together.

What kind of travelers are we?
We love nature, fresh air, peace and quiet and we enjoy staying between mountains and lots of greenery. However, when it comes to nature we are a bit partial towards beach destinations as we are absolute water babies.



At the age of 16 I went from being a city girl to an island girl. I moved to this beautiful island in the Caribbean called Aruba that I call home and that is poles apart from Mumbai, India. But that is the best thing about traveling, it shows you new ways of life and changes the way you think. I am a major in International Tourism Management and from the hospitality industry. So yes! My education, work and desire all link back to tourism and traveling. I strongly believe that the experiences you gain while traveling and exploring new places are something that no one can ever take away from you.



Much to learn you still have — Yoda

Yes! I am a Star Wars fanatic and together with my favourite travel partner, I plan on, well, not ruling the galaxy but travelling the world! I will always believe in that quote and the form in which I learn the best is opening myself up to new experiences and different ways of life through travel.
I am a proud NYU Alumni and apart from traveling and writing, I am passionate towards technology and you can always find me reading about or tinkering with any new developments in technology, be it physical or code. Also, I am a huge movie buff and the idea that a movie can transport the viewer to a completely different world for a few hours sounds absolutely fascinating to me.
What traveling means to me is pure happiness. Ever since I was little, my answer to people’s “what do you want to do when you grow up” question would be to travel and see all the places in the world (and one day space maybe). The world is a beautiful and amazing place and my dream has always been to explore, create memories and have adventures all over, at every chance I get. And along the way, I have been fortunate enough to have found the perfect partner to be able to share my adventure with.