Krabi’s Private Paradise – Alisea Pool Villas

It’s around 10am in the morning, the sun is shining bright and is especially generous today. We have been pushing our big bags of travel since around 5am across hotel lobbies, minivans, shaky pedestrian bridges and speedboats. Still recuperating from a crazy four night excursion in Phuket, we could not wait to unwind in Krabi. Hang in there, almost there. There is a sudden energy in the boat, people rush to the deck and so do we, we’ve finally arrived. As the boat slows down, limestone formations and long tail boats surround us, Aonang beach comes into view. Moments like these are why we love traveling so much.

As we manoeuvre our huge travel bags again over more shaky bridges and people’s toes, we finally exit the pier and see our transport waiting in the distance. Alisea, here we come! Situated just a ten minute ride away from Aonang beach and the pier, the Alisea Pool Villas are perfect for people looking for a relaxing Krabi getaway, away from it all. Being a few minutes away from the touristy hub of Aonang and the way these villas are built, they provide for a more personal vacationing experience with more emphasis on choice, with respect to spending time in Krabi. The presence of a full day shuttle service on location adds to the same.

It is around 11am and we have finally arrived. We are greeted by much needed refreshments and to our delight, our villa is ready! There must be around twelve to fifteen villas in the property and all of them provide a sense of natural privacy among each other via a smart use of space and nature. The abundance of greenery everywhere is already refreshing to our exhausted eyes. We have finally arrived at our villa and it is a beautiful three bedroom pool villa whose first impression has already won us over. Villas like these are perfect when traveling as a couple, with family, or with a group of friends. Vines dangling at the main gate entrance lead a pathway to the infamous Alisea pool, the adjacent wooden deck and the main door. We have a good feeling about this.

Our first impressions of the villa are along the lines of – stylish, but relaxing. It truly does justice to the name ‘pool villa’. The living room itself boasts of a very chic vibe to it. We cannot wait to hit the pool, and the weather is definitely calling for it. We just discovered the switch which turns the entrance of the pool into a personal jacuzzi, this is going to be a pretty great afternoon. After a great session of rest and rejuvenation, it’s time for some food and looks like we are in for another surprise. Alisea’s quest to give visitors a more private Krabi experience resulted in us discovering one of our most pleasant surprises of our stay – the Andamana Beach Club.

Located around a twenty minute shuttle ride away, the Andamana Beach Club is a private beach club & restaurant provided by the hotel chain for their visitors. It is situated to the south of Aonang beach and is a very secluded, personal and private Krabi experience for everything ranging from the beach to the restaurant. On arriving at the beach, we see that the famous four islands of Krabi are visible right from the beach, especially the famous Chicken Island. The restaurant located just off the beach is so serene, with light music and friendly staff, truly a relaxing and blissful experience. The food definitely has not let us down and our first day in Krabi has been nothing sort of amazing so far.

After having a truly satisfying meal and tanning ourselves on the ‘beanbags’ at the beach, it is now time to head back to the hotel and we want to just jump back into our pool before sunset to cap off a truly remarkable day. It is now around 8pm at night and we have ordered in to spend some quality time with each other and see what the hotel has to offer. While having dinner, we are enjoying each other’s company and witnessing a lightning storm outside right from our living room couch. This has truly been one of the most remarkable days of our travels. We could not have asked for a better start to Krabi. For now, we are just happy that we have two more days here at Alisea, and cannot wait to discover what Aonang has to offer.


Come take a video tour of Alisea Pool Villas:

360 degree tour of Alisea Pool Villas:

360 degree tour of Andamana Beach Club:

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