Hidden Gem of Maharashtra – A Villa In The Sky

Ever since we moved to Mumbai, we had decided to check out all those places around the city, which would not take a lot of traveling time and would also provide a unique and satisfying experience we were looking for. Our main criteria for this search has always been for places which genuinely provide an escape from the busy city life, without compromising too much on traveling time, and which would still be pretty approachable for anyone looking for a similar experience. The first stop on our journey was the amazing Riverview Resort in Chiplun, and now it was time to find our next destination.

Our quest to find the ‘Hidden Gems of Maharashtra’ brought us to Rumourss Sky Villa & Resort in Lonavala, less than a 2 hour drive from Mumbai and a 10 minute drive from the Lonavala bus station area. It is truly a hidden gem since you would pass it by and wouldn’t even realize it, but once you enter the gates it is truly a sight to behold. This place redefines the meaning of ‘tree houses’ because the villas themselves are suspended in the sky with a strong trunk to support it, with spiralling steps encircling the said trunk, leading up to the vilIa. We had never seen anything like it and were absolutely delighted to see the setup, but what was awaiting us inside the villa was even better.

Exclusivity is the word to describe this place, since it boasts of only eight villas in total. Even out of those eight, four of them are the ‘sky villas’ described above, while the remaining four are described as ‘pool villas’ since they are located on the ground level, next to the pool. Booking in advance would definitely be recommended since only four rooms can go quick, for a place so close to one of the most populated and busy cities in India. And of course, you have to get the sky villa to get the complete Rumourss experience, although the pool villas are impressive as well and provide the same amenities and layout of the sky villa. It is good for people who would have vertigo or would just prefer accessibility, since the only way to go to the sky villa are via those spiralling stairs.

So up we went, through the spiralling stairs to see what awaits us. As kids we always wanted to play and live in tree-houses but we’ve outgrown them now. The sky villas have brought back the tree-house in a really stylish way for adults, and they are magnificent. The sky vilIas have a balcony attached to the main room, and for good measure. It is an amazing feel to just sit there and marvel at the beautiful sunset directly in front of you, as it sets over the backdrop of nature and a gorgeous lake. The room itself is extremely spacious and has a really nice vibe to it. As impressive as the room is, the attic is where Rumourss absolutely won our hearts.

As soon as you enter the room, you can see the breathtaking view outside, the spacious room and a flight of stairs. Going up the flight of stairs is the attic area of the villa and the way they have set it up is absolutely wonderful. They were aiming for a cozy vibe and have absolutely nailed it. They set up another mattress along with a set of cozy blankets and pillows, with the adjacent wall just being a huge glass window. The view from the window is the same as the balcony and overlooking the lake and the sunset, and at night you can just lie down there with your loved one and star-gaze, or set up a cozy movie night, like we did.

Among the amenities present on the property, they have a small yet really nice pool. Its good for a refreshing dip and provides the area with a good contrast of colour and is very pleasant as a visual addition to the surroundings. The indoor gaming room is another great addition to actually spend time with your people there, a welcome distraction from a distracted world. The food on property is decent and the old school cold coffee was amazing. There is also a small food court, coupled with a movie theatre about five minutes away from the property if you want to step out but not go into the crowded main town area.

Overall our experience at Rumourss was exactly what we wanted it to be. The sky villa was one of the more innovative accommodations we have tried and has provided us with a lot of great memories. It is truly an escape unlike any we have seen and we cannot wait to go back again. Our first two ‘hidden gem’ experiences in Maharashtra have been absolutely phenomenal and we cannot wait to see what is in store for us next.

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