The Jungle Fish – Oasis in the Wild

There’s a cool breeze blowing on a warm sunny day. The intermittent wood-metal arrangement which partially qualifies as a roof lets the sunlight in on my half finished Bintang bottle. It also partially qualifies as support for a huge hanging bed, which is hosting good times and old friends, separated by continents, meeting after years. The sound of water has taken multiple identities qualifying as a splashing pool as well as a gushing river nearby. After a heavenly spa massage, amazing food, chilled beer and great conversations, it is now time to hit the infamous Jungle Fish pool and our Bali trip could not have started on a more perfect note.

The drive from Nusa Dua to Ubud takes about 60 – 90 minutes and is the spine of Bali. Definitely gives a feel of Bali’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking architectural style unlike any you may have ever seen. There are humongous significant architectural and cultural works of art sprinkled all over Bali depicting important mythological events with immense detail. The best part is, one of these would be located on the next roundabout you encounter while driving on the streets of Bali. It just comes out of nowhere resulting in an absolutely jaw dropping experience, do keep your eyes on the road though. This was one unique situation where we wanted every signal to be red, just to marvel at these structures for a few more minutes.

The Jungle Fish definitely personifies ‘hidden’ in ‘hidden gem’. Narrow roads away from the main street, surrounded by rice fields guide you to the Chapung Se reception area which definitely sets the atmosphere of the place. This was going to be a great day. That’s not it though, you are then guided through a wonderful path surrounded by greenery, flowing streams, perfect Bali weather and the chic architecture of the place, which would give it a very modern, peaceful and welcoming vibe.

Finally, on passing the restaurant and approaching the final flight of stairs, it comes into view. A stunning sight of The Jungle Fish pool smack dab in the middle of the jungle is truly something you have to see to believe. As you further descend down the stairs, the lounge and bar invite your attention with sleek and attractive arrangement around the pool. An extended area adjacent to the pool stretches over the cliff with a unique collection of hanging beds adding to the relaxed atmosphere. That feeling of entering into the lounge area, being welcomed by extremely nice hosts, surrounded by comfy beds and couches admiring a beautiful infinity pool in the middle of a lush green forest on a perfect Bali afternoon is unrivalled. We were enthralled and excited, took a moment to take it all in and could not wait to get started with our day.

The Chapung Se Spa is located across the end of the lounge area so we had to walk right across it as we enter and we were hit with the vibe even before we entered the spa. We were taken to our own private treatment room, which had a huge balcony which was stretched out over the cliff as well. It does not get more relaxing than having a private couples massage with aromatic fragrances and soothing music right in the middle of a forest. Many spa retreats try to recreate this feeling of simulating natural surroundings, but here you feel the same even before the treatment begins. Since we arrived in Bali the previous evening after around a 10 hour flight, this was exactly what we needed. After a heavenly massage in perfect conditions, we were ready to hit the lounge area and could not be more excited to do so.

After building up a decent appetite throughout the day, we headed out to treat our tastebuds. The food absolutely complimented the amazing Jungle Fish experience. The panini sandwiches were absolutely fantastic and made to perfection. We also had fish & chips, falafel and garlic pizza which were really good as well. They also have a fine selection of cocktails to go with the weather and the atmosphere of the place.

Hanging beds and beer buckets swaying us away to the sound of summer music made our day. Striking red couches and swing chairs adorned the poolside area, its inhabitants having the time of their lives. The pool itself was absolutely beautiful, its edge overlooking the forest trench was a sight to behold. We were lost, peering out from the edge. Lush green terrain all around us, with a small gushing river right below at the bottom of the trench. We hadn’t felt this refreshed and relaxed in quite a while.

We took the day pass to experience the pool and lounge area along with the spa treatment since we already had made our hotel arrangements, but the next time we go there we would definitely want to stay over. The Chapung Se Resort can hook you up with deluxe pool villas if you would want your own private Jungle Fish experience. Their rooms are definitely classy and if you’re staying over, you can take advantage of the evening pool DJ parties as well.

Jungle Fish is truly a place to be experienced. We had never visited a place like this before and were so glad we did. As soon as you enter, you know you’re in for a treat. From the location to the architecture to the surrounding setup, everything is designed to impress the visitor and keep them coming back for more. It truly was a heavenly experience for us and whenever we are back in Bali, this will be the first place we visit to get us prepped for what lies ahead. Because what did lie ahead was phenomenal and Jungle Fish was a perfect start.

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