Hidden Gem of Maharashtra – The Riverview Resort

Mumbai is an astounding city. It moves at breakneck speeds on a day to day basis like clockwork. Among the chaos and confusion, the city challenges its people to keep up with it and the citizens are always up to the challenge. Being born in Mumbai, there will always be a sense of admiration for the undying spirit for this city, however every once in a while there comes a need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life (and recharge your batteries). For this purpose, we are putting together a series called ‘The Hidden Gems of Maharashtra’ to help our readers unwind and plan their escape from the busy city life, even if it is just for the weekend. The Riverview Resort in Chiplun offers just that.

The Riverview Resort, which was formerly a Taj leisure resort, is now expertly run by ‘Chiplun Hotels’ and is located in the Parshuram ghat area which is about a 15 minute drive from the town of Chiplun. The small town of Chiplun is about a five hour drive from Mumbai and is a religious town located on the banks of the river Vaishishti. There is a short and winding road which acts as the entrance to the Riverview Resort, which is surrounded by greenery and has a fresh and relaxing charm to it. Being away from the town and into the mountains and ghat region brings a sense of serenity to the place and along with it brings some spectacular views, for which all you need to do is open your room balcony door. But you don’t need to wait for your room to appreciate it because as soon as you enter the property, there are huge glass windows and a lookout area located right next to the front desk, with unobstructed magnificent views which will enhance your anticipation in soaking this experience in.

Ofcourse the views are magnificent, but one of the most exceptional qualities of staying with the Riverview Resort has been our interaction with probably the friendliest and nicest staff we have ever interacted with in all our travels. This particular interaction definitely elevated our overall experience and it was a delight interacting with them. Regarding rooms, all of their rooms are facing the valley and are divided between the ground and the first floor, although if you would ask us for a room tip, we would definitely say go for the higher floor since it provides a slightly better angled perspective of the valley. The rooms themselves are extremely spacious and are equipped with a private balcony overlooking the phenomenal view which cannot be praised enough. The feeling from the balcony is truly refreshing, with nature all around you, mild fresh breeze blowing, birds chirping, slight afternoon sunlight touching the tip of your toes with your feet resting on the parapet, as you kick back in your comfy chair while you reform your connection with nature.

This picturesque spectacle can be further enjoyed by the hotel’s pool area, which boasts of a fairly large sized pool with its edge overlooking the Vaishishti river and its boats running upstream, flanked by luscious green grazing fields and the western ghats towering over it. The locals do offer a 45 minute boat ride on the Vaishishti which can be a great way to spot crocodiles and rare birds in the area. There is also a small table and tent set up at the edge of the cliff next to the pool overlooking all of this where you can enjoy the serenity with a cold beverage on a warm afternoon. Moreover, it being present in a location with comparatively negligible light and air pollution levels, the sky lits up at night and dinner under the stars was truly a memorable experience.

To wrap it all up, if there is one word we would have to use to describe this entire experience, it would be ‘tranquil’. Breathtaking views, amazing service and a true sense of freshness will have people coming back to this place for years to come. It is truly a place which is untouched, a hidden gem, and we hope it remains that way for it provides a truly unique, untainted experience.

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